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Discovery PICO™


Laser Sources:
– Nd:YAG Q-Switch
– Ruby Q-Switch


– Multi-Colored Tattoo Removal
– Benign Pigmented Lesion Removal



1.8GW of Industry-leading Peak Power

This ultra-high specification is needed to achieve the optimum photomechanical effect – which helps to increase the speed at which the laser shatters tattoo pigments particles. Ultimately, helping to reduce the number of treatments needed.

QuattroPulse™ Technology

Four separate emission modes: Picosecond, Q-Switched, OptiPulse™ and Photo-Thermal pulse durations giving you even more treatment options, efficacy and flexibility.

OptiBeam™ II

OptiBeam™ II technology is extremely important for any application where Picosecond and Q-switched laser is involved. The laser beam profile must be as homogeneous as possible, otherwise longer healing time and side effects can occur. The extremely high laser peak power of these devices has to treat the skin without any “hot points” in the spot size. The OptiBeam™ II handpiece assures a perfect flat top beam profile due to its advanced optical technology, distributing the laser power homogeneously all over the spot size.

Three True Laser Wavelengths

The first picosecond laser to include a Ruby 694nm wavelength for removal of notoriously hard to treat light blue and green pigments.
True lasers rather than alternative dye converter options.

+90 216 693 22 33

+90 216 693 22 33

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