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3D LifeViz® Mini

Equipped with a Software Suite including:

– image database
– 3D viewer
– 3D skin analysis
– and a simulation module

The 3D LifeViz® Mini is ideal for all aspects of 3D documentation, comparison, simulation and measurement ranging from medical to cosmetic applications.



Portable & accurate 3D aesthetic system

The 3D LifeViz® Mini is the most compact 3D system for skin analysis and simulation. The accuracy achieved by 3D reconstructed images in a compact and portable system impressed the judges who awarded the 3D LifeViz® Mini the Best Aesthetic Device trophy at AMEC 2015. This system represents a user-friendly solution for aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists and cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Reproducible pictures are possible without repositioning systems, thanks to our dual beam pointers. When the two convergent beams overlap, the doctor is at the right distance to take the pictures.

The system is based on a particular version of stereo-photogrammetry where the 2D images are automatically merged by the QuantifiCare suite into a 3D representation. The LifeViz® technology enables quantification of volume changes and detection of fine surface details.

The 3D LifeViz Mini® has been designed for face and small body parts (cleavage, hands, armpit…).


Software Suite

The Software Suite that enhances your camera.

Our Consultative systems include the QuantifiCare Software Suite for superior photo documentation capabilities, visualization, skin analysis and simulation.

QuantifiCare Software suite can include several different modules depending on the solution and systems:

LifeViz App &
DermaPix Database
Face Shaper
Breast Shaper
3D analysis
LifeViz® Mini Optional


Your time is valuable. QuantifiCare is the first imaging company to offer automatic image transfer, 3D reconstruction and stitching of your photos directly onto your computer.

With a single click, you can immediately use the visualization, comparison, analysis and / or simulation tools in 3D.One click…you play!

DermaPix® and LifeViz® App

Practitioners will find the user-friendly LifeViz App Hub providing a direct access to DermaPix® interface extremely valuable for centralizing 2D/3D images, documenting/quantifying disease evolution and evaluating physical changes in subjects. DermaPix® allows these procedures or observations to be easily managed

LifeViz App is a quick and easy access to all available software modules.

The 3D Viewer

In a click, visualize and match two pictures in order to compare and assess volume difference and treatment efficacy, thanks to color scales and several different renderings:

–  Clay mode to reveal volumes and contours,

–  vascularization and pigmentation maps to compare before and after treatments like laser

–  Color scale displaying volume changes

Circle the areas of interest and obtain a click and easy volume change quantification.


The SkinCare Module

Create personalized skin analysis reports


Improve patient education and follow up by creating personalized reports.

My SkinCare Report is an easy to understand document which will facilitate dialogue and ultimately motivate your patients to undergo corrective treatments.

With an intuitive interface, quickly and easily generate a customized full analysis including the following measurements:

Wrinkles Oiliness Pores Evenness Red spots Brown spots Red map Brown Map

Compare your patient’s skin health against a matching population based on corresponding age, gender & skin type. The scores obtained will allow you to provide targeted treatment recommendations.

Personalize your patient’s treatment plan according to his/her scores


The 3D Face Shaper module

Demonstrate facial harmony

Differentiate and optimize your practice with the simulation tool – the 3D Face Shaper. In just a few seconds, project into the future and show your patient the benefits of aesthetic treatments or surgical interventions by simulating before / after results on a real and complete 3D image. Highlight treatment options and meet your patient expectations with personalized 3D simulations. It will reassure your patients, increase retention and ultimately grow your practice.

3D Face Shaper module



Breast Shaper Module

Communicate with patients and ease implant choice

The Breast Shaper module is a measurement and simulation tool: The best instrument for patients to project into the future and engage in treatment.
Breast Shaper simulates a breast augmentation procedure according to a range of implant choices, in a “life-like” way: Patient’s anatomic geometry and skin quality are accurate and realistic.
The module enables to adjust landmarks to adapt measurements to the patient’s anatomy.
It saves time in the consultation process by obtaining breast measurements by one simple click.
It automatically generates implant recommendations best suited to your patient’s anatomy.
Doctors can browse in a catalog to simulate results.
Thanks to feedback from practitioners, we have develop filters to facilitate implant choice (brand, diameter, projection…).
The LifeViz® Infinity system has been developed with input from practicing physicians to ensure that it fits smoothly into an office’s workflow and can be used by the office staff.


For many indications, aesthetic and clinical evaluations can be limited using 2D image.

With the 3D Analysis™ module, it has never been so easy to detect and quantify fine wrinkles, pores, acne lesions, etc. with an extraordinary level of accuracy and precision to determine subtle volume, surface and depth changes over time.

You can better assess the efficacy for a given treatment and improve your patient diagnosis and follow up with 3D measurements including:

1. Volume
2. Surface
3. Perimeter
4. Length
5. Width
6. Distance
7. Average depth/height

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+90 216 693 22 33

+90 216 693 22 33

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